2. The TPTChoice Difference

Dear Visitor:

Why tptChoice, one may ask? Isn’t it already confusing with so many options out there?

True, there are many options out there, with good features.

However, the tptChoice source has the longest track record. Its impact promises to be lasting in that it has inter-generational value.

Being heavily cognitively weighted, it addresses multiple potential personal vices. It provides a potent, alternative, coherent life-style choice.

With regard to its spiritual platform, tptChoice is not simply an esoteric or mysterious invocation. The spiritual moorings are clearly explained and connected. A seeker of relief is not simply left to discover God, get spiritually inspired, guided and righted, on his or her own. A set of very clearly defined, well motivated and connected steps constituting the tptChoice path or way is set out for the seeker to trace and follow. All seekers are on a common spiritually led healing and restoration journey.

Since tptChoice is a spiritually oriented program, it’s inclusive of elements to be found in other not so spiritually oriented programs. So, it has a broader touch and a deeper feel.

Despite the deep rooted spiritual nature of tptChoice, being a non-denominational solution, a seeker will not be asked to compromise his or her own faith orientation while following this method.

Finally, being on-line, tptChoice is easily accessible, 24-7. Accordingly, it has a huge built-in privacy element. This particular physical approach makes it only one step pricier than the typical zero or low-cost addiction anonymous gatherings.

So, why not tptChoice?

tptChoice Team


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