3. Summary of Steps

Dear Visitor:

It’s time!

One may wander substantially over the tptChoice website to gain a comfort level. Eventually, there has to be a true beginning to the end – end of addiction in all its ugly forms and shapes – its unremarkable, horrible manifestations. A time for officially taking the less travelled path at the fork will come.

One arrives at tptChoice with some level of self-recognition of the addiction affliction. The onsite discovery process allows for generating motivation by making clearer the possibility of recovery and regaining of lost normality. What will one do then? tptChoice sets out a path. That’s when everything becomes official, a level of formality and true mutual ownership gets introduced, the possibility of a tangible outcome makes its tantalizing presence felt.

Note: The tptChoice methodology has a zero tolerance policy that it uses for identifying addiction as well as in helping set a goal for a Visitor. It reasons that any level of dabbling is dangerous because it opens up  room for addiction. Such behavior seeds dangerous possibilities for being personally and socially obnoxious, deadweight and dangerous.

Why use the term ‘Visitor’ and not ‘Client’? The tptChoice Team expects that those who seek assistance with it will do so only temporarily.  Once the problem is behind them, so will be Totally Personal Total Choice!

Thus, the STEPS are:

  1. Registration – Select the Registration Tab
  2. Identification – One-to-One Interface – Laying Out the Problem
  3. Induction – Into a Plan
  4. Starting/Warming Up
  5. Gaining Speed and Follow Through
  6. Follow up

tptChoice Team