About tptChoice

Dear Visitor:

TPTChoice is a spiritual but non-denominational, cognitive yet practical, modular, holistic addiction prevention and alleviation program.

This method is based on a historically successful model, well over a thousand years old in fact that has left its imprint worldwide among multiple races and ethnicities.  Men and women, young and old, educated and not, rich or in want, and spiritually fervent or not have benefitted from this approach for ages.

This program is designed to address personal addiction issues as well as of those one cares for, whether in progress or anticipated.

This program is clearly intended not to proselytize in any shape or form – hence its claim to being non-denominational.  However, God consciousness and Godliness are entirely recognized and endorsed.  They are valid and valuable tools in the TPTC Journey.

The reason this approach is called “Totally Personal” is explained by the fact that this spiritually conceived program can only be useful to those in need of assistance who recognize its logic and have decided to engage its service to their benefit entirely voluntarily, without any threat of duress or promise of reward.

It’s a “Total Choice” because it simultaneously addresses all forms of addictive behaviors while making sure to take a global stock of various life choices.

We visualize two types of individuals who may immediately benefit from this approach: i. Those who are spiritually inclined; and ii. Those who are not averse to spiritual persuasion so long as their intellectual and emotional integrity and freedom are not subject to compromise.

Our expectation is that this interactive, service oriented program will be properly fleshed out in due course.

Thank you for your patience.

TPTChoice Team

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