2. Do You Have the Stomach – #1


As for God, from among His innumerable skills and choices let’s consider just two.

One, He is the best of organizers. “So, turn the eyes (at the Heavens) again, do you see any anomaly?” Consider, too, the human body, is it not a marvel of organization? Of course, the best nations, the best militaries, the best schools and universities, the best hospitals, the best airports, the best businesses, the best teachers, the best students and the best households, to name a few, are all icons of extraordinary organization. Can any one deny that? Organization is integral to success in God’s handiwork as well as man’s!

“God is beautiful. He loves beauty.” This is not about physical beauty, but clarity of mind, freshness of soul, creativity, planning, meticulously applying oneself to a laudable goal and workmanship, sincerity, humility, punctuality, decency, generosity, honesty, courage, patience, persistence, a forgiving, forbearing accepting and inclusive mind set, hygiene and cleanliness, etc. – all a part and parcel of morality and character. Stuff such as these are the true markers of beauty about which God is appreciative.

Then in asking for God’s help, let’s reflect on achieving organization and quality in our lifestyle choice. Let’s please Him in a manner He has either set example or exhorted us to carry ourselves privately and publicly. For then, surely, He will be pleased to lend us a supporting hand for which we beseech Him.

So far, through 38 messages of one kind or another, the TPTC water has been tested.

The chores, the drills, the routines (R) are yet to be laid out. That will test commitment, stamina, and desire to unshackle oneself from the grief of addiction.

So, just like the Dummy Quiz #1, ask yourself, when push comes to shove, whether you can do the things described below sooner rather than later.

In what order would you take on the list below? Could you do these things continuously for a month or, say, 40 days?

Perhaps you already do some of the listed items, then more power to you. Other than that, would you volunteer to do more from your own reckoning?

  1. Attempt to pray to God directly and regularly without using “if You are there or if You wish” clause in it.
  2. Recount/list bad things you know you have inflicted on self and others over the years.
  3. Reestablish contact or keep in touch with parents, in-laws, children and siblings in a timely, regular fashion.
  4. Ease away a little from destructive behaviors and consumption.
  5. Tune down uncontrolled wild laughter and screaming conversation.
  6. Go for a walk or gentle exercise every day, say, for 15-20 minutes.
  7. Pick up stuff from the floor.
  8. Make bed every day.
  9. Cook yourself a meal now and then.
  10. Greet and smile at people and indulge in small talk.
  11. Invite someone to a simple home-cooked meal.
  12. Clear away dishes in the sink before they accumulate.
  13. Attend to the appearance of the fridge and the oven.
  14. Regular budget expenses and keep track of income and expenses in writing.
  15. With children bussed to school, occasionally plan to drive them down instead.
  16. Brush teeth like clockwork.
  17. Drink water after meal to for better care of teeth.
  18. Keep shoes clean.
  19. Do laundry regularly.
  20. Shower regularly and wear clean clothes, ironed when needed.
  21. Eat proper breakfast on time.
  22. Ensure table, chair, sofa or bed is free from feet with outdoor shoes on them.
  23. Take off shoes upon entering apartment.
  24. Wash feet before going to sleep at night.
  25. Watch national and local news.
  26. Write a letter to someone.
  27. Read a book.
  28. Go to bed on time.

TPTChoice Team