4. Dummy Quiz #4 – Characterize Yourself

Continuing with the series of queries, we have

  1. How do you see yourself?
    –Denominational (belonging to a particular sect)
    –Agnostic (Knowable or unknowable, belief that there is a Higher Power)
  2. If you are religious, how would you rate yourself?
    –Regularly practicing
    –Occasionally practicing
    –Unsure about the rituals
    –Find rituals irrelevant
  3. If you are denominational, are you a
  4. As to Organized Religion, what is your position toward it?
  5. What do you think? The Universe is
  6. If you think/believe that the Universe is created, do you suppose it came with an operating system?
  7. If ever you invoke a Higher Power to assist you, do you say something like this: God, if you are there, then …?
  8. To you, if you subscribe to a Higher Power, is it
  9. Do the colors on the Traffic Light mean different things in different parts of where you live?
  10. Does it matter that a Higher Power should have a gender?

tptChoice Team