3. Consistency and Small Acts of Goodness

One often hears about the merit of being consistent, to have a pattern.

Pattern makes a person less likely to be whimsical, and to be more dependable, more stable, more predictable.

To some, being predictable is being boring. But when one is responsible for an office or an activity, being predictable is high virtue. Otherwise, one would have to hedge one’s bet when choosing a person who is unpredictable.

BTW, which spouse would not be happy with a dependable provider? Which parent would not love and prize a child who is inevitably well behaved and responsible? Could such predictability be boring?

One day hot, another day cold makes a person unreliable. Such a person is unlikely to deliver on an account as a leader, a donor, a volunteer, troubleshooter, a parent, a friend, a sibling, an adult child, or even as a coworker.

A person who thanks people always, who smiles at people always is a consistent person. But thanking and smiling are essentially very easy acts because they are also small acts – not so burdensome to pull off.

In the tradition around which this program is designed, God prefers consistency or regularity even if the goodness act is very small, very ordinary, very mundane. Why? For the same reasons cited above. Smallness as such is sustainable for most people. It is easier to make a small, monthly donation to a cause than to have to make a onetime, lump sum contribution.

So, for example, as we pray, we should pray on a regular basis, like clockwork, but not necessarily heavy duty and prolonged. This way we are likely to touch base with our Creator in a patterned manner much to our benefit. One is unlikely to drift away from spiritual connection because whenever one connects with Him, one tends to make unnatural (by way of time and resource) and unsustainable overture toward Him. But, as was noted earlier, this is also true of volunteering time and donating resources for situations needing assistance.

In one’s struggle to overcome addiction using the power of prayer, brief, regular, timed prayer, is absolutely necessary.

Additionally, as one tries to make oneself useful so as to turn one’s life around, to bring some value and order to it, to reorganize it for fruitful, fulfilling and lasting ends, developing the simple, unencumbered habit of saying thank you, please, or after you, enquiring after parents and siblings, sharing food or giving a gift however small, and  volunteering a little or donating a little are goals worth considering.

Let’s all impart value to our lives by remembering to do regularly good things even if they appear inconsequential.

TPTChoice Team