1. Know God to Know Self

Who knows us best? Most might say, “My Mom, of course.”

Still others could substitute their spouse for their mom. With longer marriages this may very well happen.

Who knows best the laptop or PC we use? Why, the manufacturer, of course!

Well, can anyone tell us where we came from, where we are headed, and why we are here in the first place? What should we be doing and how we should go about doing those things?

Who could possibly know the answers to such profound queries? Even our loving, almost all-knowing Mom or that super-duper manufacturer can’t answer such questions. Not our spouse, for that matter!

In fact, neither philosophers nor scientists could lead us far enough! With whatever vast knowledge they have, which is really little in the bigness and timelessness of things, they would have us wait forever to pinpoint anything substantive and reliable. In the meantime, we could have irreversibly trashed our lives.

So, who could really know? Who else, but God!

How could one be sure?

Just as we need to belong to a family, a society, or a country, we need to know the truly big picture and how we fit in there so as to truly and lastingly belong?

That’s why we need to know about the Manufacturer of all manufacturers and what His plans are for us.

Just as our Mom (and Dad) decided on our identity by choosing a name and the manufacturer supplied our laptop/PC with an operating system, only God can tell us who we are, what our true bearing should be, and how we should go about fulfilling our destiny.

So, if we are really lost, none that we know, love, trust, or revere as caring or brilliant can really make any difference without them having us make connection with the One and True Originator.

Since we are small and temporal as beings, we have to get the drift of what is at stake. Nothing does it better than the contemporary  saying about environmental consciousness: Think globally, and live locally! Our small selves need to be infused with the knowledge of the bigness of our origin and of our destiny.

Then and only then, we will find meaning, peace and stability.

For that, we all need to tune into God’s channel for finding and keeping peace.

Let not our smartness make us arrogant enough to overlook this option nor our upbringing stop us from making this our Mission No. 1.

TPTChoice Team