1. How Things Change

They say:

In the Age of Virtue, Vulgarity hides itself
In the Age of Vulgarity, Virtue hides itself

[reported/translated by a sage in Oakdale, CA]

Which age do you suppose we are in?

You would be correct if you think we are caught in the Age of Vulgarity, in crass Viledom.

So, what would one who is gentle, patient, measured, fair, perceptive, noble, careful, balanced, self-controlled to do?

Such a person is made fun of, described variously as being strange, weirdo, sicko, stuck up, mother’s boy, hormone short, pussy, and so much worse.

Should such a person fold and join the ranks of the fallen, the compromised?  Really!  So, “when you can’t beat them, join them” rings awfully true.  Yes, get absorbed into the mess!  Is that better than being hounded for one’s standoffishness?

Should such a person surrender, give up one’s illuminating virtues?

Oftentimes it is a lonely fight, yes; to do the right thing, to be true to oneself.

Which alignment have you chosen?  Are you fighting or have you caved?  What should you do now that you know better?

There is always time to regroup.  It is never too late.  Never.

Reclaim what is yours, that which is your birthright: to choose what is best for you, that which is meaningful and lasting.

May we be God-conscious throughout our ups and downs. O Almighty, I have taken a step towards you. Fulfill Your promise and come ten steps toward me. Amen.

TPTChoice Team