5. Make Room for You Have Just One

Our heart guides us in many instances. However, if the heart is muddled about an issue, it can’t properly direct us.  We are then neither here nor there.

Now, if somebody had two hearts, then one heart could espouse one thought, while the other leans toward the opposite.

However, it won’t be easy to locate someone with two hearts.

So, what is likely to happen? Stalemate, like when a person claims to love two persons or pledges allegiance to Democracy and Communism. There is no headway to be made in such a world.

What, then, is the way out? Something has to give. One cannot decide to be generous from now on while still holding on to greed or avarice.

So, greed has to be cut off, amputated, left alone, unattended and unappreciated like cold turkey. Only then the generous self will mature and bloom.

At one point, sooner rather than later, a decisive, irreversible, once-and-for-all break has to be made with the ugly past, with the pestilence of addiction.

Only then rehabilitation and growth will be possible. Only then opportunities will present themselves. Exhaustion will dissipate. Relief will follow. Normality will pervade. Dignity will return. Family and friends will rejoice and converge. Colleagues and boss will appreciate. People will trust. Happiness will arrive.

Are you really, actually up for it like it’s nobody’s business but yours?

TPTChoice Team