8. Dummy Quiz #1 – Characterize Yourself

Now, that you know something about tptChoice, please share with us something about yourself that may prove useful under this program. We are not collecting the data yet. Only when you are comfortable enough to register, we would periodically ask you the same questions as those below, and even a few more that may occur to us as relevant along the line. These responses would then be securely saved, only to be accessed on a need to know basis as well as to generate aggregate profile of active visitors to tptChoice.

By going through the dummy exercises #1 – #6 that follow, we hope that your confidence level about this site would grow.

So, if you were asked the following questions, how would you respond? Would you be comfortable sharing your responses with the tptChoice Team?  Remember, all throughout the following six quizzes your response will be only to yourself, not transmitted to us online in any shape or form.

  1. I am following this blog for:
    –Someone Else
    –Simple Curiosity
  2. If it is for yourself that you are following this blog, then do you have an addiction issue?
  3. If you have answered yes to the above question, what are you concerned about?
    –You are getting too much exposure to addictive choices
    –You have formed an addictive pattern
    –Your physical well-being has deteriorated or is deteriorating
    –Your behavior toward self and others has deteriorated or is deteriorating
    –Not sure
  4. Have you been to other similar online sites, visited or considered visiting a counselor or health professional, or joining mutual help groups?
  5. Have you already been trying to eliminate your addictive pattern or exposure to potentially addictive choices?
  6. If you have answered yes to the question above, why are you on tptChoice site?
    –Just exploring
    –Because other choices have not worked out
    –Trying to find a better fit
    –Looking for convenience – easily accessibility
    –All of the above
    –None of the above

tptChoice Team