What is proactivity for someone seeking to avoid or overcome addiction?

Having understood what gratitude constitutes and having become repentant, remorseful, there are – broadly speaking – two more steps: Stop! Go!

Dam the flood of negatives. Shut down the sluice gates that bring in all the filth. Disassociate. Disengage. From people and things that bend you the wrong way.

No foot dragging. No wringing of hands or second guessing. For the love of God, STOPPP!

Open the doors of possibilities. Look out for new friends. Engage in meaningful robust tasks. You have no time to look back, to fall backward. Let the positive energy destroy and disable decisively the dark hold of the past so that it’s only a faded memory. Get busy living life. Let there be fruitfulness in its every fold. GOOO!

Don’t worry about being lonely or finding it all impossible. Take heart that for people sincerely upon a task, a single person has a second entity as a companion, while two people have a third entity as a companion, and three people have  a fourth entity as a companion, and so forth. But who is this entity? It is God Himself!

The move toward transition will be challenging, that’s all. Ultimately, however, it’ll be exhilarating.

No doubt the start is always slow. So, let it not fool or confuse you. And the past re-exerts itself as it must, otherwise we would not be calling dependency a “bad habit that refuses to let go”.

It’s better to do it – to take the leap of faith – now than later. It’s better to do it than to never emerge out of the self-imposed incarceration.

Which is a greater shame, more dreadful? Acknowledging one’s weaknesses and failures with an opportunity to reemerge much like a Monarch Butterfly that was momentarily cocooned or attempting to hide all the shame, broken promises and disappointments while they are actually in everyone’s plain sight? With the latter choice, who would one be fooling except oneself?

Thus, the two-step medicine, preceded by a value-premise shift, and with all its nuances, will finally close in on the demon, expiate the sins, seal the past disappointments, heartbreaks and disgrace and pave the way for a new you.

‘Rely on God’ as was your initial plan. So, would you then not let yourself go? Start afresh!

What’s still holding you back? What type of concern, fear, or bashfulness is still tripping you? Have you not been afraid long enough?

TPTChoice Team