2. Is This Me

I have decided to take a look back, have an out of body experience as it were. Thanks to my active imagination this should be a cakewalk. I want to take a good, hard look at myself, like when I stand in front of a mirror.

Do I know who I am? What does my name mean? Who kept it and why? If there is a good meaning to it or is it supposed to remind me of a great person who was adorned with the same name? Am I living up to that? If I have deviated, could I possibly fix it? This could well be a start!

Who is the boss of me but me? Or is my circle of affiliates my boss? How can both be? Is it not then simply double jeopardy! Neither party will ever be pleased. It’s a lose-lose proposition, unfailingly.

I know I am trapped and I can’t breathe. Let me win my freedom back, inch-by-inch, by getting a little light, a little fresh air in, here and there, whenever possible. Then a trace of me will arise inside of me. This will be so good at so many levels.

O’ my Lord, Creator of the Heavens and Earth,  by Your Unique Presence, Your Unaccountable Power, Your Unmatched Will, Your Infinite Wisdom, Your Supreme Dignity make my prayer happen. “My Lord, I am indeed in need of any assistance whatsoever You send my way.”

tptChoice Team