Don’t Burn the Food You’re About to Eat: Part One

Is there anyone who happily chomps on burnt toast?

How many would deliberately muddy the water they are about to drink or take a dip in?

Must be only a handful, if that! Right?

The soft-textured, rich smelling piece of bread is replaced in minutes by an unpleasant smelling, bitter piece of rock. What a shock!

So, what kind of a person would do such a thing, over and over again, then complain about it?

What kind of a society filled with such people would fail to see its folly? The only way this could continue happening is when society  glorifies the making of burnt toast and muddied water and thinks nothing of the consequences of doing it repeatedly?

Really? Why?

Apparently, for some peculiar reason, the burnt toast or the muddied water passes as acceptable. The palpable smell and bitterness are missed. The sullying mud particles do not bother. They may actually be welcomed as redeeming. Strange, indeed!

In modern world, many are distressed by the quality of their private lives. For some, it’s enough to drive them over the edge. To regain control, restore sanity, peace and amity, burning toast and muddying water must first stop.

Gender Relations is one of the core factors ensuring human happiness. Gender Presentation, Gender Role Recognition, Gender Equity, Gender Responsibility, Gender Vulnerability and Gender Etiquette possibly make up Gender Relations. Now, it is recognized that a chain is as strong as its weakest link. Likewise, a wholesome Gender Relation is only as strong as its weakest factor.

A person, on the other hand, is a collection of connected, interdependent beings: Varying in degrees, a person is spiritual, intellectual, informed, physical, sexual, doing, seeking, receiving, sharing, exacting, individualistic, creative, and so on.

Modernity, be it through technology, media, or opportunity, has sought to redefine Gender Relations. On the other hand, Biology and Morality have continued to define its backbone.

A man and a woman need each other for their own sakes as well as for the continuity of humanity. As it is, people come with weaknesses by birth or by acquisition that makes this unity challenging. If fresh new weaknesses are added without recognizing them to be so and without due mitigation, then the success of the unity becomes even more suspect.

Modern Gender Relations has led to fewer marriages, greater number of divorces, fewer births, more children out of wedlock, more serial relationships, more abortions, more suicides even, etc. A vast number of people recognize this to be unhealthy, but very few appear to know what to do about it.

In a world that puts a lot of stock on problem solving, this appears to be quite a doozy.

tptChoice Team


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