Patience Comes In Three Flavors

Patience is a virtue runs Wisdom.

So, “Be patient!”

Sure, I’ll try. I hope I can make it to the other side of my ordeal intact and in one piece. Will it allow me to avoid bitterness, anger, depression, or desperation (BADD)? Will I still be operational; wiser, but still me – buoyant and optimistic? If life’s ups and downs are tests checking out what I’m really made of, then patience presumably allows me to pass that test. Otherwise, BADD will keep the ordeal alive and kicking long after the event is no longer around.

Patience in the face of adversity is but the most commonly acknowledged circumstance when it comes in really handy. However, being patient does not mean inaction or inactivity. It just spells the disposition.

That leaves out two other situations when patience is an indispensable trait to have.

To commit to a regular, unhurried, carefully crafted, earnestly delivered pattern of worship requires still another brand of patience. Prayer is a deliberate, hopeful communication between the least and the Most. It requires due diligence more than just like officially meeting a hiring agent, company president, a minister, a royalty, or parents of one’s soon to be significant other. Cleanliness, punctuality, orderliness, dignity, propriety, paced, coherent, doubt-free, non-accusatory, etc. are elements of a successfully placed petition in an interface with our Maker. Patience makes much of this possible.

Last but not the least, patience restrains us when we are about to step into the Dark Side and want to let loose. Patience cools us down, shuts off the spigot of selfishness, greed, jealously, hatred, display, dishonesty, hypocrisy, treachery, one-upmanship, etc. Patience allows a moment of pause, introducing reflection, introspection and hesitation, when I’m about to perpetrate on another what I would not have done to me.

Patience through its miraculous devices makes the heart sound – pure and vibrant – without which God’s realm of perfection and beauty, the Gardens, will not be accessible to anyone. Anyone!

tptChoice Team


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