Dummy Quiz #4 -Characterize Yourself

Continuing with the series of queries, we have

  1. How do you see yourself?
    –Denominational (belonging to a particular sect)
    –Agnostic (Knowable or unknowable, belief that there is a Higher Power)
  2. If you are religious, how would you rate yourself?
    –Regularly practicing
    –Occasionally practicing
    –Unsure about the rituals
    –Find rituals irrelevant
  3. If you are denominational, are you a
  4. As to Organized Religion, what is your position toward it?
  5. What do you think? The Universe is
  6. If you think/believe that the Universe is created, do you suppose it came with an operating system?
  7. If ever you invoke a Higher Power to assist you, do you say something like this: God, if you are there, then …?
  8. To you, if you subscribe to a Higher Power, is it
  9. Do the colors on the Traffic Light mean different things in different parts of where you live?
  10. Does it matter that a Higher Power should have a gender?

tptChoice Team


Dummy Quiz #3 – Characterize Yourself

I hope you are still with me as the self-discovery process continues.

  1. Do you regularly curse, use the four letter word, or flick the bird?
  2. Do you feel depressed and find life in general to be pointless?
  3. Do you blame anyone in particular for your addiction related issues?
  4. Do you use the hate word often as in “I hate it” to express your dislike for a thing?
  5. Do you often feel or express boredom?
  6. Do you think nothing of talking about a person behind his/her back?

tptChoice Team