The Morning After The Knowing

Here we are, finally, through 50 odd postings covering a myriad of issues. Central to this journey has been one fact: establishing one’s relationship with God in a meaningful and lasting way.

This has meant knowing oneself and knowing God. Knowing that, through ups and downs in life, we are tested to see whether we are the better for the wear and tear and that all repair and redemption are well within God’s plan for us.

Our season is not over till our breath is all done. So, in God’s Dominion, there is always the room for a winning season. And He can and does accommodate countless many champions, for life is one person’s season against oneself. One lonely player fending both sides of the field: Good and wise vs. Bad and foolish! It is like eating or taking a shower to feel better. One has to do it on one’s own. Nobody can do it for another.

Yes, it is a strange season with the most unusual matchup running every waking, healthy, free hour of every 24-7 that one is blessed to participate in.

One wonders why the season has to be so prolonged and continuous. Well, since we pride ourselves about freedom of choice – the prize we receive for simply having been born human, the Guarantor of that charter has to see whether, how and how much the adult human upholds or infringes upon the rules governing the winner of the pageant, and whether in the latter event man is aware of its transgressions and how it deals with them upon realization of its folly.

The questions that follow are: how broken is one and how did it get so bad?

tptChoice Team


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