For to be on the Path of Sobriety and Salvation


O’ God, O’ God, O’ God

The One Worthy of Praise, Almighty, the Loving

Let reflecting on Your signs and remembrance of You illuminate me

Allowing, also, for thankfulness to You to pervade my daily life

Let my disappointment and anger and my fury and flare-up subside as I halt making everything about myself

Let my language and actions be overtaken by forethought, transparency and accountability

Let me be forgiving and patient, a kinder, gentler, watchful being

Let me be cleaner as I go about my business, organized and conserving

As I stumble, reset me, wind me up and set me on my way, again

Cause to efface the darkness in my heart, the confusion in my mind

Help me, O’ God, in the name of all those You hold dear and near

O’ Overlooker, O’ Oft-returning-Merciful, my repeated sins ignore

To walk, O’ God,  I wish, the straight and narrow path of the blessed

O’ All-knowing, Knowledgeable of Minutiae, Aware of Events, relent

With Peace and Blessings on all those You hold dear and near.


tptChoice Team


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