Totally Personal Total Choice is designed to assist the behaviorally scarred and wounded to stand up to addiction.

Taking a well-trodden, thoroughly proven, unique route, tptChoice seeks to provide welfare and shield against ravages of certain self-indulgences by

  • Levelling at the interested, willing and spiritually inclined
  • Carrying a spiritual, monotheistic but non-denominational vision, values & tools
  • Using pragmatic, sensitive,¬†self-help means
  • Holding out a holistic, organic, multi-layered, positivistic, inter-generational solution
  • Providing intellectually satisfying, empowering middle way
  • Presenting an inviting, well-paced, low cost option with limited 24-7 access
  • Employing non-medicinal, cognitive and behavioral anchors, and
  • Providing primary and secondary interventions at asymptomatic stage
tptChoice Team